Slow Loading & Site Downtime – Resolved

We are currently looking into intermittent service interruptions.

Update: 3/17/2020 11:20 am
We are continuing to look into this issue. Things have stabilized now, but the root cause has not fully been determined. Intermittent issues can be very difficult to diagnose. We will continue to have system administrators monitoring things closely while performing further diagnostics.

Update: 3/17/2020 9:05 pm
We will be monitoring this issue overnight and continue to work on mitigating the root cause.

Update: 3/18/2020 9:55 am
We’re very sorry for the prolonged nature of this issue. We’re working hard to mitigate the root cause and fully restore service. We greatly appreciate your continued patience.

Update: 3/19/2020 10:20 am
We are very confident this issue has been fully resolved. The root cause was multifaceted and involved two very minor issues that when combined caused a much larger issue. We greatly appreciate your patience while we worked on this issue.

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