Possible Issues On The Site – Resolved

Update: 10/21/2016 5:45 pm
The DDoS attack causing the outages appears to have been mitigated and services have been restored. We will continue to monitor the issue and update here if another attack affects service on the site.

Currently there are a number of large sites and services experiencing downtime due to an ongoing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. This has heavily impacted sites like twitter and services like Spotify. For more info about this attack please see the following link.

Current Impact on the Site

  • PayPal’s site is down and at this time checking out with PayPal is not possible. You can still checkout using a Credit/Debit card.
  • Social Login is currently not available. If you have not setup a password for logging in you can send yourself a recovery email and set a password.
  • Possible slow or failed loading of content on the site.

We will update as this issue evolves.

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